My Favourite Wedding Traditions

My Favourite Wedding Traditions

My Favourite Wedding Traditions

Having spent many years taking part in Gold Coast weddings as a marriage celebrant, I have seen every tradition under the sun! Traditions can be a beautiful addition to your big day, and can add a special touch to different parts of your wedding. Let me share my favourite traditions that I’ve seen as a wedding celebrant on the Gold Coast.

Staying separately the night before the big day.

This one is just so romantic, and I’m pleased to say that I still see this often! Staying in separate accommodation the night before is a beautiful way to increase the excitement for the big day and to create some extra anticipation for becoming husband and wife! Standing there with the groom before I begin my job as the wedding celebrant, I get to experience that incredible moment where the happy couple sees each other for the first time in a couple of days!

The confetti toss.

I just love this moment! We’ve all seen that photo – the bride and groom just beaming and walking down the aisle as their family friends shower them in colourful confetti. Historically, this tradition resembles well wishes and good luck for the future, and I just love the meaning behind this. As a Gold Coast wedding celebrant, I have seen this beautiful tradition carried out many times, and trust me, it’s not only a beautiful memory but it also creates a beautiful photograph.

Old, new, borrowed and blue.

There’s a reason I love this one, and it’s not just because of the movies. It’s because of the fun process of finding each item prior to the wedding, as well as the way in which it can involve the bride’s friends and family. In my experience as a Gold Coast marriage celebrant, I’ve seen some gorgeous items added into the day and I think they create some memories that you and your family will never forget.

The cake cutting!

While many couples opt for more unique dessert options, there’s something just so romantic and traditional about a wedding cake. The reason that I love the cake cutting tradition is because it brings everyone together, makes everyone smile, and even sometimes makes the guests giggle when the cake makes it to the bride or groom’s face!

The bouquet toss.

Single ladies, this is your moment. This tradition is a whole lot of fun. While I, as your marriage celebrant, have generally left by this point, this is still one of my favourites. All of your guests will enjoy this and so will your girlfriends, so get the DJ to play Beyonce’s Single Ladies and toss thar bouquet! The reason I love this tradition is not just that it signifies more love-filled weddings to come, but that it involves and delights your guests.

If you’re looking for a wedding celebrant in Byron Bay or on the Gold Coast, get in touch today! I’ll meet with you and your partner to get to know your love and create those perfect wedding day moments between the traditions.

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