Candle Lighting Ceremony

Candle Lighting Ceremony

Candle Lighting Ceremony

You will need to purchase:-

  • 2 x single taper candles
  • 2 x family candles (glass surround)
  • 1 x larger unity candle (glass surround)
  • A candle lighting ceremony symbolizes the joining of two lives, two families and two lots of friends.

Option One

Bride and Groom, the two lighted candles symbolize your separate lives, your separate families and your separate friends. I ask you to each take one candle and together light the centre candle.

The individual candles represent your individual lives before today.

In lighting the centre candle this represents that your two lives are now joined to one light, and represents the joining of your two families, and sets of friends to one.

Bride and Groom will now extinguish their own candles, thus letting the centre candle symbolize the union of their lives.

As one light cannot be divided, neither will their lives be divided.

A candle lighting ceremony involving family members.

Option Two

I would now like to invite mothers of both the bride and groom to come forward to light the outside candles, which symbolize the union of these two people and the strength of the two families from which they have come.

Bride and groom come into their marriage relationship as individuals and they do not lose their identity, rather they use their individuality to create and strengthen the relationship of marriage.

Bride and Groom will each light a taper candle from the outside family candles and together light the central unity candle. The three candles will remain lit to symbolize the bride and grooms two families and the unity of their new family.

As this candle is lit let it represent the unity of the bride and grooms life together from this day on.

As this one light cannot be divided, neither shall their marriage or lives be divided.

May the radiance of this one light be a testimony of your unity.

Candle Ceremony Readings

One of mankind’s first and greatest gifts was the power of fire.

Fire that’s heat could provide warmth, healing, and nourishment.

Fire that’s brilliance could light the way. Fire that’s wrath could destroy enemies.

Yet other fires exist for man that share these same benefits. These fires are inner fires… Passionate fires which drive us towards our destiny.

Let the lighting of these candles symbolize the inner flame and unending faith, love and devotion that has brought these two here today. Like this flame, may their love burn brightly throughout lifetime of joy and happiness.

Unity Candle Readings

Option One

The unity candle symbolizes the very essence of the wedding ceremony.

Two taper candles representing the couple as individuals are used to light a single centre candle as a visible symbol of their commitment to each other.

Option Two

The unity candle symbolizes the new family you are now forming from your past lives.

The flames you light it with both burns brighter when joined together.

You are both charged with keeping this flame bright for the rest of your days.

Option Three

The lighting of this candle is a ceremonial acknowledgement of the vows exchanged by the bride and groom that have united them in marriage.

This single flame signifies that marriage is a joining of two people who have chosen to share life together rather than individual lives.

The light from this candle is a beacon that will guide and protect them.

Each year on your wedding anniversary, by relighting this candle you will be able to relive and remember the vows that you have made today.

Option Four

This flame burns with the warmth and love that your family and friends have fostered in each of you.


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