Option One

Groom to Bride I love the way you love and care for me

The way you trust and believe in me

The way you always try your best for me

I love you and I love my life with you

(Repeat Bride to Groom)

Option Two

Groom to Bride On this special day I give to you,

My promise to stay by your side

Through whatever life may bring.

I promise to love you without reservation,

Laugh with you, and cry with you,

Learn with you and grow with you.

This is my solemn promise

(Repeat Bride to Groom)

Option Three

Groom to Bride I marry you because I love you with all my heart

And I will cherish you for eternity.

I am looking forward to our life together.

(Repeat Bride to Groom)

Option Four

Groom to Bride, I love the way you make me feel good about myself.

And enjoy the life we share together.

You create opportunities and bring happiness to our relationship

I promise to make you laugh and feel special

Everyday we are together.

(Repeat Bride to Groom)

Option Five

Groom to Bride I love the way you are always persistent in your efforts to make me happy.

You bring balance to my life and perspective to the way I see each day.

I promise to share my life with you

and to be as persistent as you are to grow and support our relationship.

(Repeat Bride to Groom)

Option Six

Groom to Bride today I promise you my love without any limits,

To accept the things you believe in,

To always try to understand you,

And to be near you whenever you need me.

(Repeat Bride to Groom)

Option Seven

Groom to Bride, I will trust in your love for me,

I promise to soothe your mind and body,

To plan with you, dream with you,

To do my best to show you how much I love you

To stand by you whatever may come

So we can pursue a life together

With much love and laughter

(Repeat Bride to Groom)

Option Eight

Groom to Bride I vow to care for you, and support you in every way.

I promise to trust, and honor you.

I give myself wholly to you – now and forever.

Thank you for being your wonderful self –

I am honored to be your wife.

(Repeat Bride to Groom)

Option Nine

Groom to Bride I enter this marriage with my heart wide open.

You are my best friend, my light, my inspiration.

You fill me with love, laughter and happiness.

You challenge and balance me.

I vow never to take you or your love for granted.

(Repeat Bride to Groom)

Option Ten

Groom to Bride thank you for being your wonderful self –

I am honored to be your husband.

As I give you my hand to hold,

So I give you my life to share.

(Repeat Bride to Groom)

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