Choosing a Season for Your Wedding

Choosing a Season for Your Wedding

Choosing a Season for Your Wedding

So you’re engaged, and you’re starting to think about the time of year and the location of your wedding. Large or small, unique or traditional, my work as a wedding celebrant on the Gold Coast and Byron Bay means that I’ve seen it all! With my years of experience as a Gold Coast marriage celebrant, I’ve put together my thoughts around selecting the time of year for your special day. Here are my thoughts on each and every season and what’s special about every time of year you could possibly choose.


First and foremost, you won’t need to think about it getting chilly, or making sure you and your bridesmaids don’t get cold in the evening! Summer is a beautiful season to get married, offering warmth, beautiful light, and lovely, mild evenings. Things to keep in mind: think about ditching the suit jacket for the guys! It can be a modern spin on their attire, plus they won’t overheat. Having been a marriage celebrant on the Gold Coast and in Byron Bay for so long, I also recommend having a wet weather option. Because of our tropical climate, summer tends to be our wet season, so always have a Plan B!


My favourite thing about an autumn wedding is the colours that come through in nature! The golden shades make for such beautiful wedding photography. The temperature also tends to decrease by this season, which makes for a comfortable day or night for your bridal party and guests. From your marriage celebrant to your photographer and even your parents, you’ll have to worry less about how everyone’s being affected by the temperature!


There’s just something a little bit special about a winter sunset. With streaks of pink and beautiful orange hues, winter sunsets just tend to be a little bit more beautiful. I take delight when my services as a wedding celebrant allow me to stay for the sky to put on a show. One thing I suggest keeping in mind for a winter wedding is ensuring the girls in dresses have a wrap or shawl as the evening gets cooler, and thinking about the guests, too – particularly if the reception is open-air. Think about something quirky, like buying some cost-effective blankets and putting out a sign that says, “to have and to hold, in case you get cold!”. Pinterest offers a million fun wedding ideas!


This one tends to be a crowd favourite! Offering mild temperatures that tend not to be too hot or too cold, as well as beautiful blooming nature and very little rain, spring is often the wedding month of choice. I know that as a wedding celebrant on the Gold Coast and in Byron Bay, my services are always in high demand in spring!

I offer my services as wedding celebrant in Byron Bay and on the Gold Coast, so once you’ve selected your season and location, get in touch with me to discuss your ceremony! Let me craft something perfectly unique and special to you and your partner.

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