Five Tips for Writing Your Wedding Vows

Five Tips for Writing Your Wedding Vows

Five Tips for Writing Your Wedding Vows

Regardless of the length of your relationship or the depth of your love, writing your vows can be a challenge. My role as a wedding celebrant on the Gold Coast and in Byron Bay often extends past just officiating the ceremonies of couples and has brought me to discussing and sharing advice on the writing of their vows.

As a marriage celebrant on the Gold Coast, I witness so many beautiful words shared between couples. Having experienced so many wedding ceremonies and shared so many words of encouragement, I have put some thought into the ways in which couples can compose their wedding vows in a unique and lovely way.

Here are my five tips for writing your perfect wedding vows, based on my years of experience officiating Gold Coast weddings.

  1. Focus on your history. The time you’ve spent together as a couple and your rich history is something that I, as your wedding celebrant, use to form the basis for the ceremony. It helps me to understand your love, and it helps me to come up with the words that make your big day unique. Use the history of your love to write meaningful words.
  2. For a second, forget about the crowd. Thinking about what your guests will think and how your guests can react can sometimes stifle the true, genuine and honest thoughts that come to mind. My biggest piece of advice, having heard so many vows as a marriage celebrant on the Gold Coast is to forget about your guests and be completely truthful with your loved one.
  3. Express what you are grateful for. Think about your relationship and really focus on the things that you are grateful for. It might be the way they support your goals, or even their company when you’re experiencing challenges in life – showing gratitude is a beautiful addition to your words during your wedding ceremony.
  4. Keep it personal. You are what makes your ceremony and your wedding day unique. While I have been a wedding celebrant on the Gold Coast for many years, I have never seen the same vows twice, and that’s because of the beautiful and personal touches that couples add to their words.
  5. Make lasting and genuine promises. These are what makes them vows. They are forever, they are real and they are honest. Think about the promises that you believe will make your marriage last and put them on paper. There won’t be a dry eye at the ceremony!

I hope that my five tips for composing your wedding vows will help you or someone you know to put the way you feel about the one that you love down on paper.

If you’re looking for a Byron Bay or Gold Coast marriage celebrant who specialises in creating unique, special and memorable ceremonies, get in touch with me today to share your love story.

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