Important Wedding Vendor Questions you Didn’t Think of!

Important Wedding Vendor Questions you Didn’t Think of!

Important Wedding Vendor Questions you Didn’t Think of!

So you’ve started planning your wedding and you probably have a million questions! Being a wedding celebrant on the Gold Coast and in Byron Bay, I’ve been involved and close to hundreds of weddings, so there’s not a lot of situations I haven’t seen. Using my experience as a wedding celebrant, I’ve put together the most important questions to ask your wedding vendors that you probably didn’t think of. I hope these will be helpful in planning your big day!

What time does your photographer suggest holding the ceremony?

Your wedding photographer has experience in creating the perfect photographic magic for you, and light is a photographer’s best friend. Provide a brief on the style of photography that you’d like and your photographer will help you plan the timing of the ceremony so that there is enough time to shoot your location photos afterwards in your perfect light.

Will your wedding celebrant offer a rehearsal?

With my experience as a marriage celebrant on the Gold Coast and in Byron Bay, I know better than anyone that practise makes perfect. Wedding celebrants who offer rehearsals allow you and your bridal party to feel more comfortable and confident going into the day, having run through the proceedings and practised the process. If you’re looking for a wedding celebrant on the Gold Coast or in Byron Bay, look no further – I meet with you as a couple to get an understanding of how you’d like your ceremony to feel and I also offer rehearsals to ensure that your ceremony runs perfectly.

What time will your florist deliver flowers?

Having your flowers in your preparation photos is a beautiful touch. It allows you not only to add some colour and beauty into those shots, but also to showcase the creative and careful work that has gone into composing your bouquets for you. Contact your florist and ensure that the delivery time lines up with your pre-wedding photography for the most gorgeous and flower-filled photos of you and your bridal party getting ready on the day!

Are your vendors working on more than one wedding on your day?

Some vendors will comfortably get to more weddings than just yours, particularly if they are primarily delivering items, however others, such as your wedding celebrant, tend to be more invested in the proceedings of your day. Make sure no one is rushing to or from, so that the timing, proceedings and flow of the day is comfortable, stress-free and is not rushed. As a wedding celebrant on the Gold Coast, I have learned that it is important to ensure that if I have any other commitments on the same day, to leave ample time both before and after my scheduled ceremony time. Your ceremony is just as important to me as it is to you.

Do you have exclusive use of your venue?

Every venue is different and some can comfortably host more than one event based on their setup. Ensure that you speak with your venue to confirm that your wedding will not be disturbed by other guests of the business or property, and that you will have privacy and exclusive use of your space.

Planning your wedding and searching for a Byron Bay or Gold Coast marriage celebrant who specialises in creating unique, special and memorable ceremonies? Contact me today and together, we’ll tell your perfect love story.

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