Creative Weddings

Creative Weddings

Creative Weddings

I’ve had the privilege of being part of some beautiful and creative weddings, and some outrageous ones also, over the years. I have gathered together a collection of these creative ceremonies below as well as some less traditional wedding rituals which are popular in modern wedding ceremonies for you to enjoy and draw inspiration from.

Butterfly Release Ceremony

Butterflies can be released by the bride and groom on mass, or given to your guests for individual release. Why not have a table-top display and release cage for your family and friends to view throughout your ceremony.


Dove Release Ceremony

What a fabulous way to conclude your wedding day! The release of doves in ceremonies extends the message of peace, the celebration of life, and the expression of love. Releasing doves uplifts the eyes, signifies new beginnings and true celebrations in flight.

Doves choose one partner for life and make this commitment until death. It is said that if doves are seen on your wedding day, a happy home is assured. A dove release will give a spectacular and momentous conclusion to your wedding ceremony in a garden, chapel or on the beach. The doves are beautifully presented in craftsman built cages and can be easily released with the lifting of a lid, the opening of a door or some couples choose to hand release the birds



Candle Ceremony

The lighting of a candle is a symbol of the union of your marriage, and the individual families from which you have grown. This ceremony symbolises the pledge of unity between the bride and groom and the merging of two families. It usually occurs after the wedding vows, and before the exchanging of rings. Traditionally, there are three candles, the central unity candle, and two smaller outside family candles. To involve families the mothers of the bride and groom are usually asked to come forward and light the outside family candles.

The bride and groom then each take a light from their individual family candles and together they light the centre unity candle. They may then blow out their individual family candles to symbolize the extinguishing of their two single lives. Or, as is more common today, they may keep those candles burning to symbolise their individuality, even though they are united in marriage.




The Sand Ceremony

This modern day ritual symbolising a couples unity is becoming more popular in today’s weddings. Apart from the visual excitement for family and friends it also personalises your ceremony and becomes a keepsake and reminder of your special day. The Sand Ceremony is better suited for beach weddings although can be performed at any ceremony location. Sand is used to symboilse the uniting of the bride and groom. Their separate lives are symbolised by two vials of sand (usually different colors).

After the exchange of rings, the officiant explains the meaning of the Unity Ceremony. The Bride and Groom then come together, and pour into one common vial, the two individual vials of sand. Their flowing together symbolises the joining of the couple as they share their first experience of unity as husband and wife. The newly formed union is represented by the intertwined pattern of sand created by the couple.

This ceremony can be shared with parents and children, simply by adding additional colours, symbolising a loving bond and inseparable family union.




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