Photo Ideas From a Wedding Celebrant’s Perspective

Photo Ideas From a Wedding Celebrant’s Perspective

Photo Ideas From a Wedding Celebrant’s Perspective

By no means am I a photography expert, but I have been the wedding celebrant at enough Gold Coast and Byron Bay weddings to have seen a million beautiful shots. Having shared the special moments and witnessed so much love as a wedding celebrant, I’ve decided to put together some of the most beautiful moments that your photographer could capture from my perspective! Here are just a few that I’ve seen and fallen in love with… there’s nothing like capturing all the emotions on your special day.

Your family’s first look

When the bride heads down the aisle, all eyes are on her! While the perfect shot of her making her way towards the love of her life is crucial, there is also a whole lot of beauty waiting in the shot of her family’s reaction. Because I’ve taken my place as the wedding celebrant, standing with the groom, I get a view of everyone’s emotions as the beautiful bride (or groom) walk toward their ever after. The faces of the family are something that you just can’t put into words! If you can, capture them the moment they lay eyes on the bride or groom. It’s pure joy!

Different views during the ceremony

During the ceremony, there are a number of important moments, such as the reading of the vows, the exchanging of rings, the ‘I do’ moment which I get the pleasure of officiating and the first kiss. Again, remember that the reactions of your guests during these moments are just as special as that of the bride and groom! Maybe mum sheds a tear, maybe your groomsmen look at you with pride – being a marriage celebrant on the Gold Coast and in Byron Bay for many years, I can tell you that there are a million moments worth capturing. Ask your photographer to look for the beautiful moments in the crowd at your wedding ceremony.

The finer details

So much work has gone into making your special day look unique and true to you and your partner. From invitations and place settings to menus, decorations and your rings, make sure that your photographer captures the beauty of your day in between those big, important shots. Bring along your invitation set so that you can create a pretty flat lay and remember your wedding styling forever. As insignificant as it may seem on the day, it’s a photo you might treasure for years to come.

Speech faces!

Wedding speeches are such a beautiful and special occurrence during your reception. While I, as your wedding celebrant, am generally not present for this part, reception photos are always so great to look at due to all of the excitement and emotion that they contain. Some of the best photos I’ve seen have been of the bride and groom in particular when their friends or family are giving their speech! Those real, unposed photos are just amazing, and it goes both ways – ask your photographer to try and capture the looks on your parents’ faces when you give your ‘thank you’ speech. These are moments that you’ll treasure forever.

Once you’ve locked in your photographer, if you’re looking for a wedding celebrant in Byron Bay or on the Gold Coast, I’m your man! Contact me today and together, we’ll create those perfect wedding day moments.

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